Our managed IT service firm in Long Island provide 2 hours of on-site support at no additional charge.

2 Hour on-Site Support in Long Island & NYC

On-site support when you need it!

2 hour on-site support in Long Island & NYC is a great way to understand if your company is facing any IT issues. Within 2 hours, our IT professionals will help mend and identify IT problems. There are just some issues that can’t be solved over the phone or through email. That’s why PowerWiz provides on-site support in Long Island and the greater Tri-State area. That includes traveling to your place of business to personally speak with you and work on solving any issue you may have. This provides a more hands-on approach to IT maintenance as our experience enables us to resolve certain problems up close and personal. Clients of PowerWiz receive up to 2 hours of our on-site support, at no additional charge. With the help of PowerWiz’s on-site services, get the support where and when you need it most.


On-Site Support That We Offer

2 Hour on-Site Support in Long Island

On-Site Problem Solving Professionals Coming to Long Island & NYC

All of our IT specialists possess the strong critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to resolve issues in a timely manner.

2 Hour on-Site Support in Long Island

Hands-On Support in Long Island & NYC

We take a close look at your network and systems to determine what the issue is, while communicating what we’ll need on your end.

2 Hour on-Site Support in Long Island

Emergency Support Visits

In the event that you require emergency services, PowerWiz works diligently to get someone to your site as soon as possible, no matter where your business is located, NYC, Long Island, etc.

Long Island & NYC On-site Services

From the moment we arrive, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service possible, in order to keep things running smoothly. Use our extensive knowledge in IT to ensure that things that could go wrong won’t go wrong at your business. From installation to maintenance, allow PowerWiz to take on those tasks. Our on-site services include:

2 Hour on-Site Support in Long Island

Computer or Network Installation

Our specialists will assist you in setting up new equipment or replacing outdated units all across Long Island and NYC. We’ve been doing that for a while now.

2 Hour on-Site Support in Long Island

On-Site Network Maintenance in Long Island & NYC

An IT professional will meet you at your location to help fix any issues with your network while also providing the necessary updates.

2 Hour on-Site Support in Long Island

On-Site IT Consultation

Our IT specialist can provide you with hands-on consultation to ensure that your technology is being utilized to its fullest potential. The location of your company could have benefits or negative inclinations to your IT. Not all of Long Island and NYC is the same.

Ready to Speak with One of Our IT Service Professionals?

2 Hour on-Site Support When and Where You Need It!