Applications & Database Development

A Home for All Your Data

Depending on your industry, you may be required to store large quantities of data, which can cause your network slow down significantly. When this occurs, you’re going to need a database to house it all without affecting the overall performance of your network. That’s where PowerWiz’s application and database development services come in. Our database development services allow you to store large volumes of information without damaging the integrity of your network’s performance. These intuitive services also provide easy access to your most vital business data from anywhere with an internet connection. Not stopping there, our service enables us to develop, maintain, and customize your database specifically to your needs. The days of running out of space are over as you now have an outlet to retrieve an endless flow of information at a moment’s notice.

We Offer Maintenance and Management Following Database Applications:

Microsoft SQL Database Development

In addition to being highly customizable, this comes with robust features and effective security configuration, making it a great tool for small to medium sized businesses.

MySQL Database Development

This application is highly intuitive thanks to its level of accessibility. MySQL enables users to access their database from any location with an internet connection.

Access Database Development

Access is the standard for database applications. It makes great for storing basic information but lacks the customization options and access of the other two.

What PowerWiz Can Do For Your Database


Our IT professionals can assist with organizing and implementing your information into your database in a manner that is efficient and easy to access.


PowerWiz constantly assesses your database for any potential weak spots while fixing any issues that may occur.


Allow our team of specialists to customize your database to suit your specific business needs, including individualized templates, display options, and more.

Support Where You Need It Most

Our Services are comprehensive and extensive, intended to increase the health and longevity of your network.