Smartphones are something nearly everybody has now. From your 8 year old niece to your 90 year old grandpa, it seems like everybody has one. With how versatile and powerful smartphones have become, it’s no shock that they are a staple of life in 2016. There are so many different apps (applications) and things one can do with a phone, sometimes it’s hard to stay productive. It’s easy to spend hours on Instagram looking at amazing photos, or end up on Pokémon Go walking until finally successfully catching that Pikachu. However, smartphones can still be a purposeful, powerful tool if used them with the right apps. Here are a few apps to keep anybody productive, whether at home, school, or work.


Learning another language is something nearly everybody would like to do. Whether to bolster a resume, or communicate with a family member that might only speak Spanish, there are plenty of reasons to learn a language. However it is a daunting task and one not many people have time for. Luckily there are apps such as Duolingo to help. Duolingo works by first testing a user on their proficiency in a particular language, and then putting them through activities and training to help learn the language. Training can take as little as 5 minutes, or as long as desired. It’s fun too! Daily reminders can be turned on in case of those who are forgetful, or turned off if they become bothersome. With nearly 20 languages to choose you can prepare for your next vacation to Paris, or just learn how to say Hello in Chinese.

Microsoft Office for Mobile

These programs have been the gold standard for everything from essays for school, to spreadsheets for businesses. It’s no wonder they remain just as effective on a smartphone. With how easily interconnectivity between computers and phones has become it was only a matter of time before one could view their PowerPoint on their phone before their presentation in order to be ready.

Google Drive

Google drive has become the absolute go to service for managing any types of files. Whether pictures, Word Documents, music, or video, any of these files can be held on Google Drive. The best part is you can share these files with whomever you like. Want to show a friend the pictures of your most recent vacation to San Francisco? Just send him a link to your Google Drive and have him scroll through it himself. It’s a really simple, and brilliant way to manage, store and share files and can be accessed by computer, or phone, or tablet. It works across platforms too, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Mc, iPhone, PC or Android.


Being in the digital revolution, there are so many different accounts for emails, websites and services one has to keep track of. Many of these services has a username, and password required. When signed up for seemingly hundreds of these services, remembering the password for all of them can be very difficult. LastPass is a password vault that requires a single password to access all the others. LastPass fills automatically once a user logs into a service or app which cuts down on the tedium of storing them all at once. Be sure to make a strong password for LastPass however, this is the last place one would want a hacker to be able to get into.

These 4 Apps are a great start to somebody looking to get more productivity out of their phone rather than reading Facebook statuses of people they haven’t seen in years. There are plenty of others out there but for a student, or a working professional these apps are crucial to getting the most out of your smartphone.