Long Island Asset Tracking & Management Systems

Keeping Track Of It All

Long Island asset tracking and management system’s are great tools for your industries. Provided by PowerWiz Inc. the tools will help multiple industries, varying from government to corporate and retail. Running a business requires you to wear a lot of hats, which can make remembering every little thing difficult. This applies especially to assets like computers, monitors, and phones, as well as their respective information like manufacturer and model. Fortunately, PowerWiz provides its clients with a database that allows for easy and efficient asset tracking. That way, as equipment is installed, replaced, transported, or destroyed, you know exactly what needs to be where. Our documentation services are completely comprehensive, eliminating the need to keep track of endless spreadsheets. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, our software is easy to manage with a convenient check in/check out system, in addition to being compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Our Asset Tracking Services Include:

Intuitive Database System

Our documentation system allows you to upload your assets and their information including, location, manufacturer, model, and which ones have software installed.

Check In/Check Out System

Know exactly which assets are available and which ones are currently in use with a simple-to-use check in/out platform, eliminating the use of excel spreadsheets.

On-The-Go Tracking

Our software is fully compatible with desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices, allowing you to check up on your assets from any location with an internet connection.

Servicing the Industry

Thanks to the intuitiveness of our asset tracking software, PowerWiz is able to service various Industries including:

Retail, Corporate & Government

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small to medium sized business, our asset tracking can help you manage inventory, IT equipment, as well as furniture like desks and chairs.


We pride ourselves on servicing the education sector as our software is used to keep track of school supplies, athletic equipment, and technology like computers , projectors, televisions, and DVD players.

Law Enforcement & Public Service

Monitoring the assets of law enforcement entities can make a big difference in the name of public safety. Our asset tracking is used to keep record of evidence, reports, and even surveillance equipment.

Managed IT Services at Their Best

PowerWiz can provide your business with various technical support packages that will help maintain your technological integrity.