Long Island Data Recovery & Business Continuity

In Case of an Emergency

Long Island Data Recovery & Business Continuity services is a great asset to have to fortify your business’ valued data. Some situations and events just cannot be predicted or prevented. This is why it is important to be prepared in case of an emergency. This strongly applies to your IT network. The wrong type of disaster can permanently ruin your network, causing you to lose months and maybe even years’ worth of data, and crippling your business in the process. At PowerWiz we provide business continuity and disaster recovery planning to ensure that your precious data is backed up in case of an emergency. By housing your data in cloud-based servers, it remains safe from physical damage or manipulation. Our team of business continuity specialists will also work with you to come up with a contingency in the event that disaster does strike your organization.

Data Recovery & Business Continuity Services Include

Long Island Data Recovery

Data Recovery Planning

Devise a plan B with our team of Long Island and NYC consultants as we discuss what options to take and where to move your network in the event of a disaster. This will keep you prepared in case there is a sudden shift in your business’ infrastructure.

Long Island Data Recovery

Data Storage & Analysis

When it comes to business continuity planning, protecting your data and processing data for data recovery is our number one priority. Allow our team to come to your business, even if it’s in Long Island or NYC, to analyze your current storage units in order to find a suitable replacement in case of an emergency. This will serve as a recovery point if your original information becomes lost.

Long Island Data Recovery

Risk Assessment

We provide risk assessment services in Long Island and in NYC in regards to your network based on various factors including business location and economic climate. In addition to keeping a look out for any red flags, our tech support team will also consult you on what measures to take in order to minimize your level of risk.

Long Island Data Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In the event that your business does fall victim to some sort of disaster, PowerWiz can help you back on your feet by assisting your business in Long Island or NYC with the reestablishment of your IT network. This includes helping the replacement of equipment, reinstalling your system, and retrieving any data stored in the cloud.

Data Recovery & Business Continuity Support When and Where You Need It!

Our IT Services are comprehensive and extensive, intended to increase the health and longevity of your network.