Cloud Computing Services in Long Island

Keeping Track of Your Data, Even on a Rainy Day

Cloud Computing Services in Long Island and NYC are essential for the growth of your business. Nowadays the physical storage of data and applications is beginning to be overshadowed thanks to the use of cloud-based technology. This allows businesses to save both time and money on establishing servers, which provides them with the ability to access their information and application from anywhere with an internet connection. Many tech companies have begun to adapt this cloud-based format into their applications including Microsoft. Our cloud services include tools to streamline your business processes including web and server hosting, Microsoft Dynamics for your marketing and sales efforts, and more. Stop relying on physical storage and hard drives to get the job done and build a cloud-based infrastructure with PowerWiz.

Take Your Data & Applications to the Cloud with Our Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Services in Long Island

Cloud Application Setup

Need help with getting your accounts up and running? Fortunately, our Long Island IT specialists are here to start you off on the right foot by assisting with the initial setup of your cloud-based applications and it’s computing. During this time, we also consult you on which applications may apply best to your business practices, as well as which options will be the most cost-efficient.

Cloud Computing Services in Long Island

Web/Server Hosting

PowerWiz provides you, in Long Island or NYC, with an efficient web hosting platform for your business’ website. This enables your site to run as fast as possible while keeping up with all of its information and data. In addition to domain hosting, we also provide your website’s server with regular maintenance to prevent any issues from occurring in the near future. Regular updates will increase computing and processing speed.

Cloud Computing Services in Long Island

Cloud Planning/Consulting

The key to building an effective cloud-based infrastructure, whether your business is based in Long Island or NYC, is proper planning. Work out a strategy with our team of experienced consultants, as they can show you what opportunities to take advantage of and what mishaps to avoid on your road to setting up your cloud-based applications.

Cloud Computing Services and Support When and Where You Need It!

Our IT Services are comprehensive and extensive, intended to increase the health and longevity of your network.