IT Email Services in Long Island

Email, the Most Common Form of Communication

IT Email Services in Long Island and in NYC – with it, businesses in Long Island and NYC will have proper IT management administered, that way NYC and Long Island can feel more safe sending emails. When it comes to conducting business, email is one of the most common forms of communication. Failing to maintain or keep track of your email can cause your chain of communication to become broken and disorganized, trickling into your business’ productivity. Protect your email accounts from countless amounts of spam, in addition to increasing the ease at which you can find and access emails with the help of PowerWiz. Our Email services find an email platform most suited for your business, while setting up security measures to protect your information. Keep your email accounts and their contents in the right hands with PowerWiz.

Our IT Email Services Include

IT Email Services in Long Island

Email Installation

In the event that you’re just starting off a small business in Long Island. PowerWiz can provide you with the tools you need to get your business’ email set up. This includes platform selection, implementation, and IT assessment, as well as transferring your information from your previous provider.

IT Email Services in Long Island

Email Maintenance

Our IT staff will travel from Long Island to NYC, to make sure your email service is impeccable. We will resolve any issues you may have regarding your email and help maintain a strong line of communication within your business, both from an internal and external standpoint. That way no important information is spied on or lost through email.

IT Email Services in Long Island

Email Security

Protect your email from spam and other forms of intrusion with the help of our Long Island security specialists that work to prevent unauthorized access to your account by establishing password protection and anti-spam monitoring software.

IT Email Services in Long Island

Email IT Consulting

There are tons of email service providers out there, Including Long Island and NYC, all with their own set of benefits. Allow our team to help find you an email application and service that suits the need of your business, while also keeping up with your level of productivity and efficiency.

Some of the Email Providers We Manage

IT Email Services in Long Island


Google’s web-based email service provider

IT Email Services in Long Island


A free email provider based application by Microsoft

IT Email Services in Long Island

Zoho Mail

 A web-based application with strong privacy features

IT Email Services in Long Island

Yahoo! Mail

 Yahoo’s web-based email service. Comes with a chat option

IT Email Services and Support When and Where You Need It!

Our IT Services are comprehensive and extensive, intended to increase the health and longevity of your network.