Hiring an IT service provider to do managed IT services isn’t so strange or far-fetched as you might think it is. You might think to yourself, why not just hire an IT manager to do my in-house IT management? That certainly is a great question, but the question I have for you is, does your in-house IT manager in the future actually know how to utilize all the tools that an IT service provider, or your current company has already purchased? The answer to that question might be a yes, or a probable no.

Why IT management is important for your current Network

You see, whenever obtaining quality IT services, such as proactive monitoring of computers and IT networks. It’s important that you have an IT expert that understands the tools you have already invested in. For instance, let’s say one of your hard drives fries in one of your main offices.  Now what? You will probably have to call the manufacturer of the computer, to schedule an appointment to send down an expert to analyze the product manufactured, and then determine the issues. Once that happens, they will have to send you a bill just for the check up, and then you will need to purchase a new part from the manufacturer, and probably pay for shipping and handling too.

Once the part comes in, then what? Will you have to pay for fixing and re-install? Not with a managed IT service provider you don’t. You will have all your basic needs meet within the first day of the issue. Since the IT service company is the one who installed the software or the hard drive or the component in which the hard drive is in. It should take no longer than a few minutes for the IT service company to identify what could be the issue with the equipment they had installed. They can come to see you well equipped and prepared for the day, to get the job done in a day. This is called same day equipment replacement.

This type of service will get your company, or at least the hard drive back on its feet before anyone knew what happened.

Don’t mess up your Network Infrastructure

So, when hiring a Network Security Service Company, or an IT service company to build your network, then you should mainly rely on them to fix it when there are issues.

If you plan to move to another IT management service company, then fine, but it might take some time to completely understand the tools that were already being utilized to protect your IT.

Still, IT professionals are IT professionals, they are also very opinionated as to how to go about network security or software. You might find yourself being up sold by your new network security company to invest into other different types of IT tools and gadgets.

None the less, working with an IT manager to do IT management that is already a part of the crew that set up your network infrastructure and installments will be to your benefit. He is well aware of how your IT provisions currently work.