Cloud based software is a very popular new way for businesses to increase their productivity, save money, and save time.  But what types of cloud services for small business are out there? And how can you use them to help your small business grow? There are a wide variety of different cloud based software out there, for all facets of business whether they be accounting, marketing, processing, and other areas. Some of this software may help your business a bunch, but there are many that would be a waste of time and money.


Why Cloud Based Services for small business?

First, let’s take a look at what makes cloud services for small business so appealing. For one it is the ease of collaboration. Rather than emailing a document back and forth to make edits, a document can just be edited on the fly in the cloud. This is helpful because ti also allows for collaboration on the go. If two employees are working on a document, they don’t have to even be in the same room but they will be able to communicate effectively what they are doing as well.

File sharing software

One example of cloud services for small business that can be useful for anybody is file sharing software. File sharing software works by allowing people to share files such as spreadsheets and word documents. There is also cloud software that allows multiple people to collaborate on a spreadsheet, or presentation. This allows for workers to be more in tune with what is going on with the document with all changes being recorded. It also allows for multiple workers to collaborate at once, allowing for assignments to be completed more quickly. Cloud services for small business that keep your data off site are more secure in the event of disaster.

Cloud accounting software

Collaboration software from the cloud doesn’t stop with documents and presentations. Cloud accounting software is a fast growing way that accounting firms are using to get ahead. This software, much like the software mentioned above allows for easy collaboration, as well as real time updating. It saves automatically to an outside server making it perfect cloud services for small business.

Accounts payable software

Accounts payable software is another potentially helpful tool for small businesses. There are a wide variety of accounts payable software that will help modernize and optimize a small business’ cash flow receipts.

Digital Marketing

Marketing remains a huge area of a business. Cloud software helps take a business’ marketing and automate it. Digital marketing is a huge and growing field with many options and avenues to take when choosing to pursue digital marketing. Some cloud services for small business help take a company’s digital marketing and not only automate, but track results. Tracking results like return on investment can help a company in choosing whether or not to continue using the same methods.

Customer Relationship Management

For small businesses the customer to business relationship is one of the most important aspects. Customers will often choose a small business over a larger one because of the relationship they can have with the business. Another example of cloud services for small business is software that helps manage the customer relationship. Customer relationship software can keep your clients informed with what your business is doing, as well as any offers your business may have going on.


As with most things there is not a one size fits all solution for software for businesses.  Not all of they types of software mentioned may be useful for your small business. Do your research and find out which of these cloud services for small business can help you.