A tune up is normal for our computers. What is the importance of a tune up for your computer? You must know the feeling of losing an important Word document resulted from a crashing of your computer. Or, the computer was freezing when you are watching videos on YouTube. Thus, you can understand how important regular tune ups for your computer is.

It’s a signal to remind you to have a tune up if your computer takes a long time to start up, shut down or open a new web page.

Then what should you do for a computer tune up? Let me tell you something.

Update the Anti-Virus Software

One of the most important things of a tune up for computers is updating the anti-virus software. You won’t accept your privacy and payment information to be exposed to identity fraudsters. Various kinds of virus are generated every day in the world. Some of them are based on the existed infrastructure, but some of them are totally new.

Even, if your computer got a virus, it has a possibility to infect others’ devices. As a result, you need to update your anti-virus software regularly to combat these new kinds of virus and protect your information.

Optimize the Browser

Don’t forget to check the status of the browser when you are performing a tune up. The status of the browser can directly affect the speed of browsing websites and opening a new tab. Then which factors can affect the status of browsers?

First, the local cache. Browsers will store JavaScript, historical web pages as the local cache to facilitate visiting faster next time. However, the too much local cache will conversely lower the visiting speed.

Second, plugins and extensions are created to help users conveniently use the Internet. Although not all plugins and extensions in your computer are useful to you, these plugins will still be activated when you open the browser. After, they will occupy a huge amount of the RAM memory and slower the speed of the browser.

This way, you should regularly clear the cache and useless plugins to make your browser in a good status.

Update the Operation System

Why do we need to update the operation system (OS) when we are taking a tune up?

Take Windows XP as an example, Windows XP was one of the most popular operation systems in the world. However, Microsoft had announced to stop supporting security updates or offering technical support for Windows XP since April 8, 2014. In other words, the information of Windows XP users will be in danger if hackers find a new system vulnerability and the anti-virus software hasn’t published a solution.

Moreover, new operation system offers advantages and new functions. For instance, a 64-bit OS can run both 32-bit and 64-bit software, but a 32-bit OS can just theoretically run 64-bit software. In addition, the performance of the CPU of a 64-bit OS is at least twice as fast as the one of a 32-bit OS.

Third, you have to update your OS to a 64-bit one if you install a 4GB+ RAM memory, or the OS cannot recognize this 4GB+ memory device.

Data Backup

Never forget to backup your data of your computer regularly and before running a tune up for your OS every time. For example, your documents, sheets, images, bookmarks and game save files.

Update the Software

Try to update the software you use frequently. You should not update them until you go for a tune up. Usually, these updates will fix some bugs and add some new functions.