When an employee departs from a company they clean out their desk and take all of their belongings with them, but one thing that they do not take with them is their company email. So as the business owner who is responsible for the company’s email management what do you do about employee’s emails one they leave? Here are some suggestions:

Change Account Information

Once an employee is no longer part of the company, you should go in the system and change the account information, such as the password, therefore the former employee no longer can access the email account.

Finding Someone to Take Over

Someone is going to eventually fill the former employee’s spot. You should think about how you are going to introduce the new employee to the clients. Find out a way to introduce the new employee and forward the clients to that new employee’s email.

Use an Automated Response

In some cases the new employee will not be there to take over right away. You need to make the former employees contacts know that they have left the company while directing them to someone else that can assist them. Create an autoresponder and your message will be automatically sent to anyone who reaches out to the former employee’s email.

Filter and Forward

After the automated response is taken care of you can go ahead set up a filter that will forward emails to the former employee’s replacement.

Prepare to Delete the Account

Now that everything is falling back into place after transitioning from one employee to another you can begin to think about deleting the former employee’s email account. Select a date in the near future that you feel comfortable with. Do not delete the email until you feel like all the dust has settled from switching employees. You don’t want to leave any clients behind. A good time span for this is about a month. Do not forget to do this, set a reminder for yourself.

Backup and Delete

You never know if you are going to need any files stored in an ex-employee’s email, so just to be safe back it up. Then once the date that you set up to delete the email approaches you can go ahead and hit delete.

There you have it. When it comes to email management there are many different processes that you can use when deciding what to do with a former employee’s email address. It is wise not to just delete it right off the bat, but to take the proper steps to make sure that it is handled in a professional manner. PowerWiz – Monday through Friday is here to help. Our managed IT services will proactively help you maintain your business’ network and system no matter the time or day.