So you are going to perform a quarterly or a yearly check for your IT system. But you are not sure what you should do. Then you are going to hire an IT service company to deal with it? Let me show an IT checklist of general IT services what IT services providers usually do.  Also, you can follow this IT checklist when you are running a general IT check.

Check the Hardware

Web Server: A web server is a computer system that responds to requests via HTTP.

Mail Server: When you are sending or receiving an Email in the office, have you ever thought how it works? A mail server is a core and importance to help you approach that.

Domain Controller: A domain controller is a server computer that responds to security authentication requests within a domain. It can allow several computers to log in the Local Area Network (LAN) to share and review documents, authorize different permissions of accessing the LAN to different employees, and manage the network and computers together to improve the security.

When you are performing a general IT server check, please follow the following steps:

  1. Check the indicator LCDs on the server case.
  2. Exam the CPU utilization through the Task Manager.
  3. Exam the Memory Usage through the Task Manager.
  4. Check the Disk Usage.
  5. Check whether patches of the server are up-to-date.
  6. Reboot the database to test the performance.
  7. Reboot the system to test the performance.

Internet Access

Undoubtedly, the Internet is the most important tool for work. It is absolutely the base of business now. Hence, check the Internet access and replace the damaged parts, such as the Ethernet cable, to guarantee the Internet access and your business run in order. Even, you can subscribe the Internet service from two providers in case of one of them is not in service.

Printer, Fax, and Projector

Don’t forget to check the printer, fax machine, and projector. It will be a headache that you find it doesn’t work when you need it. Don’t forget to replace the laser toner, ink cartridges and add paper to the printer and the fax machine.


Check your VoIP telephones and test the connection speed and quality. Then, replace the damaged parts such as the Ethernet cable and power strips.

Check the Software

Operating System

Do you update your operating system as long as it is published? Are you still using Windows XP? The operating system (OS) provider will use new security strategies to the new operating system (OS). Thus, updating the operating system regularly can help the computer and the server always keep in a good status. Also, some old but popular versions of OS (such as Windows XP) would not be supported by the provider anymore. Moreover, new features will be added into the new OS so these new functions can increase the productivity at work.

Device Drivers

The latest device drivers can help devices, such as CPU and GPU, perform more effectively and efficiently.

Office Applications

Office applications are the most common software will be used when people are working. Whichever office application you are using, Microsoft Office or iWork, you should keep them running perfectly to support your work. You definitely can imagine that the office applications was not responding when you had typed a lot of words but you did not save.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Never forget to backup the data of the server or the disk and set a disaster recovery plan regularly. A disaster recovery plan can help your business performing orderly as normal when the main server is down.

Anti-Virus Software

Trust me, never put your personal information or your customers’ privacy and payment information at risk. So please always upgrade the anti-virus software to be up-to-date. The anti-virus software is a shield for your computer and the network.