The last thing an SMB wants happening is for their computer, internet or telecommunications to fail them. There is no good time for this to happen, and there are certainly less than ideal times as well such as on a conference call with a client. As the business world progresses more into the digital age, more functions are reliant upon technology holding them together. For these reasons, and others it is a very good idea for a business, no matter the size to have managed IT services. Why managed IT services over some other solution? There are several reasons managed IT services are the best solution for a small to medium sized business, but the first reason is it’s cost effectiveness.

As much as a business can’t afford downtime with the technology that is crucial to their day to day functions, there is always the issue of money. Most small to medium sized businesses just cannot afford a staff augmented solution, or a full time IT employee. This is where managed IT services come in. Managed service plans come in all different shapes and sizes, and don’t have a cookie cutter approach to service. Businesses will only pay for what they require. An IT employee also requires a lot of other hidden costs that managed IT services just don’t require. For example, the process of hiring and training an IT worker for a business is a costly process. There are also the added taxes, and possibly benefits that a new employee will require dealing with.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- Benjamin Franklin. This quote is especially relevant in the world on technology. It is much easier to prevent malware, hacking, and the loss of data than it is to recover from it. So why take the risk? Managed IT services reduce the risk of all of these by providing 24/7 security. They have access to better software and technologies than the layman. Managed IT services also are better trained in cleaning up the mess in the event of a breach in security. In any case, managed IT services are definitely a good service to have as a partner for any business.

If there were any evidence that technology grows at an incredible rate, it’s that it’s only been 9 years since the first iPhone came out. Look how far the world has come since then. The oldest iPhone; once considered a marvel are considered a fossil today, and it’s only been 9 years. Regardless of how anybody looks at it, technology moves at an incredible rate. Keeping this in mind, IT services have to be left up to the professionals. Technology is the only thing managed IT services does, and they do it well. Technology experts also have the fast track to new software and hardware that will be installed to keep any business up to date. Managed IT services can also maintain all of a businesses old devices and software by managing updates to keep everything as good as new.

Managed IT services also let a business focus on their core business responsibilities such as improvement and innovation rather than routine computer maintenance and other mundane technology tasks. A business full of professionals should know best that tasks should be left to the professionals. Managed IT services allow for businesses to not worry about their technology and focus on whatever their business does best.

It makes sense that an SMB would want to use a managed IT services provider. The right IT services provider can stay alongside an SMB as they grow, providing for them the support, security, and guidance they need for the technology they use. Managed IT services can also save a business time and money, which are both incredibly valuable for any SMB. For any managed IT services a business needs, a good provider is PowerWiz. Visit our website for information on our managed IT services, general IT services and any support a business could need.