Most businesses start small with the intention of steadily growing over time and becoming a larger company. When this happens, it is definitely considered a good thing. However there can be difficulties that arise when a company expands. Between hiring new staff, possibly needing a larger place to work, there can be a lot to worry about. One of these things is outgrowing your current IT system. With new employees comes more connected devices, more need for storage, and more broadband requirements. Luckily you can typical see the need for an upgrade coming, as there are signs that point to needing to upgrade your IT system. However it is easier if you have managed IT services, which can be extremely beneficial to SMBs in many ways.

First, we will go over some ways you can identify whether or not you are outgrowing your current infrastructure.

  1. The first, and possibly most obvious of the ways you can tell whether or not you are outgrowing your IT infrastructure is that your computers and services begin to crash of slow down. When your IT services begin to slow down or crash, it could be that your IT infrastructure is aging, or overloaded. Slow computers in a workplace can be one of the most frustrating things for employees, especially if they rely heavily on computers. Considering the fact that computer downtime can cost a business hundreds or even thousands of dollars an hour, it is crucial for a business to avoid downtime the best they can. A managed IT services will let you know before your IT infrastructure begins faltering so you can take steps to bolster you infrastructure before issues occur.
  2. Another way to tell if your infrastructure is in need of an update is if you find yourself spending a lot of money on IT solutions. If there is an issue, it must be fixed, and fixing these issues often costs money. Especially if your company lacks managed IT services. Keeping an eye on your budget and seeing how often you are spending money on fixing issues is a good way to tell whether or not you should upgrade your infrastructure.
  3.  A third, and very alarming way to tell whether or not your IT services are out of date is your cybersecurity is compromised. Unfortunately there are malicious people out there in cyberspace that will try to take money, or information from your website. Studies have shown that many small businesses are the subject of cyber attacks. Small businesses often do not have the capital to have top notch security systems in place to deter all cybercrime that may be targeted at them. This is especially true if they don’t have managed IT services.

So how do managed IT services fix or avoid the calamities warned about listed above? Managed It services monitor the resources available to your current system, which allows you to know what parts of your system are at capacity before they get there. Consider them your fuel gauge, they let you know how much capacity to grow you still have before anything catastrophic happens. Driving a car while not knowing how much fuel in it would be a pretty nerve wracking experience.

Consider your business’infrastructure in the same way. They can let you know when it’s time to upgrade as it happens, and which parts to address. There is no need to throw everything in an infrastructure away, leading to unnecessary expenses when only one part is outdated. Managed IT services will tell you exactly what parts you need, and they will be able to install them for you saving you time and money.