Moving to a new office is typically a good sign for your business. Maybe your company is expanding and growing and you need more space. Maybe there’s a new office that is much more modern that is looking for companies to sign a lease. Whatever the circumstance one thing is certain, you will need a moving to a new office IT checklist.  A moving to a new office IT checklist will involve all of the necessary changes you will need to make in your new home to make the switch as seamless as possible. Moving to a new office requires a lot of work to go seamlessly unfortunately and this work is not something that should be left to the last minute. Moving to a new office could take months of work and planning so sooner is better in the event that your business is moving it’s home.

moving to a new office IT checklist

Planning your move in advance

The first topic on your moving to a new office IT is planning your move in advance. Schedule with your IT service professionals to visit the new office. This visit with the IT experts will allow them to get an idea of what kind of hardware they will such as cables and power sources. You should also plan to speak with internet service providers, and technology vendors to make sure they know that your billing address and location are moving.

Overview of your current equipment

Another recommended move is to plan an overview of your current equipment. Although it will likely be a costly time in a business’ life, this is the perfect time to upgrade, rather than move office equipment. If that router is on the fritz, or the ancient computer that always crashes is ready to be packed up, maybe it’s time to recycle them and start from scratch. An IT professional can help determine if a piece of hardware is worth taking with you, or is in need of an upgrade. Take the time before the move to inventory all hardware and other parts of your IT infrastructure to see if it’s worth taking or needs replacement.

Do you need new phone lines?

If you are expanding your office,  then it’s time to look at whether or not you will need new phone lines. Either way it’s a good chance to look at your communications requirements. If the new office doesn’t have the cabling needs your company requires, it will be much easier to find a solution to this problem when the office is empty. Adding new power outlets, or new Cat-5 or Cat-6 cables will be far easier if the office isn’t in use yet. This should be discovered in your visit to the office with your IT professionals.

Optimal floor plan

Your moving to a new office IT checklist should also include a visit to the new office to figure out an optimal floor layout. This floor layout will display where computers, printers, scanners, and power ports will be. Having a desired floor plan in place is a great way to save time on moving into your new office and planning it with your IT professional will make it easier. It will also give you the advice you need to plan the perfect layout.

Although there may be other hiccups and speed bumps in your move to a new office, this moving to a new office IT checklist should provide you with some cursory things to plan in the event of an upgrade.