A lot of businesses are taking the steps to hire a Managed IT Service Provider. If this is something that you are considering as a business owner then this is the blog for you. Do not just blindly hire a service provider because you heard through the grape vine that they do an okay job. There are many things to consider when pairing up with an IT service provider and many questions to ask. Luckily, PowerWiz is here to help so let’s begin.

Managed IT Service Provider Questions to Ask

What Makes Your IT Service Stand Out?

This question may seem strait forward, but that’s because it is. However, it is a valuable question. Your interviewee should have the answer to this question in the bag, if they don’t it may be time to move on to the next candidate. This is a question that should be eagerly answered as the answer should give you a feel on how one Managed IT Service Provider will stand out among the rest.

How Long Have you been Providing IT Service?

IT service is not a walk in the park, at times it could be a very difficult thing to provide. Therefore ask about their time in the business. Yes, it’s true that every business needs to start somewhere. So if you are comfortable with being a business’s first client that’s your prerogative. You may click with a service provider, and if that is the company for you that’s great. Otherwise, it may be beneficial to ask your potential IT service provider about how long they’ve been in business.

If they’ve been in business for a long time, that might give some information on their success. Ideally, five is the golden number, a company that has been in business for five plus years generally has their industry down pat. The end goal is to find a company that is a pro at what they do, and sometimes years in business can be a direct link to that.

How Big/Small is Your Staff Size?

Unless you are a large business yourself, then you might not need a large IT service provider. Ask about their staff size. Size Matters. You want to find a provider with a stable amount of employees therefore you are not susceptible to any surprises if the company loses multiple employees at once. You want to find a business that can keep itself up and running in order for them to help you keep your business up and running. So ask about their staff, because a company with a sizable dedicated staff is most likely going to boost the morale of your IT relationship with the company you end up choosing to provide IT service to your business.

What Kind of IT Specialists Does Your Company Have?

You are going to need a variety of things from your IT service provider. So, this means that you are going to want them to have IT specialists that are experts in the fields that you need them to be experts in. Many companies will have IT workers that know a little bit of everything. Well, when that person who knows a little bit of everything is stuck on your issue because he doesn’t know the area inside and out, who are they going to call? Don’t hire a provider that is going to waste your time with uneducated IT specialists. Knowledgeable employees gets you well on your way to good service.

What is Your Management Strategy?

As you choose a managed IT service provider, ask them about their management strategy and how it can support your company’s goals. You should inquire about how they implement their strategy and what initiatives they take if their strategy were to go wrong.

What is Your Project Management Like?

Before hiring an IT team you are going to want to get a feel for their project management. This means understanding how they will take on the projects that you assign them in regards to their processes and methods. As they answer your question, their explanation will help you better comprehend the skills that they will implement throughout your IT relationship.

Do You Have a Set Service Time Guarantee?

Don’t wait around cluelessly for your service provider, wondering about when they are finally going to show up for on-site support. Ask about service time guarantees. The best providers should have a solid response time that will keep you, as a client happy and not waiting. Without that promise of service you might find yourself waiting and waiting. We both know as a business owner, waiting is not something that you have time to do.

How Do You Handle Your Service Desk?

More likely than not, your service provider is someone you are going to regularly be working with. So you are going to want to know the ins and out of their service desk. This is valuable information because there is going to come a time when you’re going to need their help, there for this is beneficial information for you because you want to be able to take comfort in support they provide.

Are You Remote, On-Site, or Both?

Ask yourself whether you want on-site IT service, remote IT service, or both. Then ask your potential IT service provider which they provide. Obviously, the answer to those two questions should align accordingly. So think about whether you want your provider to send a specialist in or if you want things done remotely. A combination of the two is also beneficial because you can choose which one is best for the service you need at a given time.

How Do You Handle the Billing Process?

I’m sure that you’ve learned this a long time ago, but, when you need a service, you need to compensate those who are providing you with that said service. Before you pay, you get billed. Finding out how the billing works with the IT service provider that you have chosen is the last piece to the puzzle. Therefore, ask about their billing model. Is there a fixed fee, or are you going to be paying per hour? Find out what is best for you and then further inquire about it with your future IT service provider.

IT service providers are an important entity to virtually every business. These questions are ones that will get you a head start in finding the perfect provider for you. For further information on all your IT needs visit PowerWiz at www.powerwizinc.com.