So often we see that little message pop up on our computer or mobile devices letting us know that it is time to update our software. They always happen to come up at the most inopportune moments or right when we are in the middle doing something important, so usually we will just close the notification or keep clicking “update later” for the rest of our lives. However, that is exactly what we should not be doing. While it may seem your system is running just fine at the moment, it is in you and your devices best interest to listen to these messages. Updating your operating system is a simple task that takes only a matter of minutes, and by not doing so you are putting yourself at serious risk.

While software updates may seem tedious, they are necessary, their benefits greatly outweigh their nuisance. They exist for you and your computer’s well-being. Software systems are constantly being checked and tested to make sure they are performing to the best of their ability. When they are not performing at their best they are meant to be updated in order to fix and errors that may arise.

Software updates ensure that your device is going to perform at its best. Technology such as computers and mobile devices are susceptible to many bad thing such as hackers, malware, and other bugs. These bad things are always finding ways to break through walls and harm your device.  OS updates are there to make sure those bad things do not get through. For the sake of your systems security, update your software! Stay safe, stay updated.

Updating your operating system software also saves you money in the long run.  If something happens to your device because you neglected to perform an operating system update, you could lose important files or damage your device.  If your device is damaged you then have to spend money on getting it fixed or buying a new one.

Having updated software can provide you with a greater peace of mind. In the case that something bad happens to your computer outside of not updating your software, having the most recent software update installed will give you a better chance in recovering your files. Whether it is pictures from your family vacation or important work documents, by having an up-to-date operating system you are keeping your computer files much safer than they would be on a device with outdated software.

Having the most updated version of your software only makes sense. In the long run, you are saving yourself money and a headache. It has never been easier to perform an update. So take the little bit of time it takes, and make sure it gets done, so your computer can run smoothly and in turn can have better chance at a longer life span.