Typically, IT workers in small to medium sized businesses are a one person operation. That person is often under immense amounts of stress, juggling tasks from many people while issues can pile up. Luckily, Networking monitoring services for SMBs is available to help the IT of any medium or small business. Network monitoring is the use of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components. It also notifies the network administrator (via email, SMS or other alarms) in case of outages. From the explanation alone, one can see why network monitoring for SMBs would be an advantage to have for anyone in IT. However there are plenty of good reasons to have network monitoring for small and medium businesses. PowerWiz is happy to share some of these reasons about Network monitoring for SMBs.

Solve Problems Easier

A great reason to have network monitoring for SMBs is because it allows for IT professionals to diagnose, and solve issues easier than without it. As is the often the case with computer networks, diagnosing what is wrong can often be half the battle. Network monitoring tools allow for a simplified view of the network which gives performance statuses for specific devices which makes it far more straightforward to see which device is not operating at full capacity.

Greater Productivity and Mobility

Network monitoring for SMBs also allows for greater productivity and mobility for IT managers. Rather than watching a screen for hours, waiting for an issue to arise, network monitoring for SMBs can be set up to send custom alerts when networks reach a particular threshold of different metrics. This allows not only for a greater focus on issues that matter, but also a greater mobility. Rather than waiting around for something to happen, unable to leave for fear of something happening and not being there to help. Mobile dashboards also allow for network monitoring from anywhere. Always providing the metrics that matter to make sure all the networks monitored are running at peak condition. Productivity is sure to increase with network monitoring for SMBs. Alerts and mobile dashboards allow for flexibility in both time management and location.

Monitor the Need for New Hardware

As growth is typically the goal for SMBs, it is important to plan for the future with additional employees. However with more employees comes more stress on a network. Network monitoring for SMBs provides for opportunities to monitor the affect employee growth has it happens. Bottlenecks with network performance will happen as a company grows. However, using network monitoring for SMBs, and monitoring bandwidth over time, allows for a good gauge on how the current hardware is holding up and where additional help will be needed in the future.

Easily Report on Data Trends

Network monitoring for SMBs allows users to easily report on data trends. IT specialists will frequently be asked to produce a report on the historic performance data of a network. Network monitoring for SMBs allows for IT specialists to quickly pull up historic data on the network and provide a report. these reports will be able to easily show the standard performance, as well as when there are dips in it.

Networking monitoring for SMBs is one of the few managed IT services PowerWiz provides for its clients. For other services and information visit our Managed IT Services.