Long Island Network and IT Relocation

Take Your IT with You

Long Island Network and IT Relocation, offered by PowerWiz Inc., can make packing and relocation so much more easier. Packing up and relocating can be a stressful task. Fortunately, our office relocation service can assist you in transitioning into a new location by reinstalling your network, in addition to fixing IT issues that may have occurred in the past. Office relocation is broken down into several steps to guarantee that you are all set to go when it’s time to make the big move. That includes assessing your new location, as well as determining how your IT network will be structured and what equipment will have to be replaced. Through this service, we aim to eliminate the frustration that can come from having to relocate your IT network.

Network and IT Relocation Provided in Long Island and NYC

IT Location Assessment

We will schedule a visit to your new location to get an idea for how your network will have to be structured, doesn’t matter if it’s in NYC or Long Island. Based on this, our specialist will evaluate your current IT equipment to determine if it needs to be replaced or if it is compatible.

Telecommunication Installation

Our team of IT professionals can assist in installing your telecommunications network if you haven’t already. This includes keeping record of the number of cable lines and phones that will be required to prevent overcompensation. We will provide crisp and clear telecommunications all across Long Island, NYC, within your corporation, and to the rest of the planet.

IT Equipment Assessment

In the event that your equipment has been evaluated as outdated, PowerWiz Inc. can provide alternatives, as well as to list respective benefits of the equpiment. This ensures that your network runs at its highest rate of efficiency when it is time to go online, no matter where you are, Long Island, NYC, etc.

Long Island Network and IT Relocation

IT Network Installation

PowerWiz installs, tests, and evaluates your IT network when it’s up and running, to confirm that everything is running smoothly in your new location. In addition to this, we also verify your server, as well as check the efficiency of incoming and outgoing phone calls and emails. We provide IT network install all across Long Island and New York City.

Network and IT Relocation Support When and Where You Need It!

Our IT Services are comprehensive and extensive, intended to increase the health and longevity of your network.