Same Day Equipment Replacement Services in Long Island

Providing The Equipment Replacement Service You Need, in Long Island & NYC

Same Day Equipment Replacement Services in long Island & NYC, provided by PowerWiz Inc..Your equipment and technology are crucial to maintaining the productivity of your business. Because of this, it is important that you have a contingency or back-up plan in place, in the event that something happens to your assets. Don’t be stuck without a piece of equipment with the help of our same day equipment placement services. As long there is a replacement readily available or obtainable that day, we can easily swap out your old equipment for a new one. In addition to handling the installation process, PowerWiz also takes care shipping and delivery, which means all you have to do is let us know where to drop it off.

Factors That Affect Equipment Replacement

As much as we would like to provide you a replacement for your equipment on the same day, there are a few factors that may require us to take a little bit longer. They include:

Same Day Equipment Replacement Services in Long Island

Replacement Availability

While servicing our clients is our number one priority, there are instances where we may not be available to provide you with your equipment replacement that day. In this case, PowerWiz guarantees to reach out to you at our earliest availability.

Same Day Equipment Replacement Services in Long Island

Distance to Replace Equipment

PowerWiz provides IT services to small to medium sized businesses in the Long Island and greater Tri-State area. This large service area can sometimes prevent us from reaching your business if distance prohibits it. In order to combat this issue, PowerWiz can also deliver your replacement via shipping.

Distance to Replace Equipment


PowerWiz is all about providing effective IT management services in a timely manner, no matter where you business may be, Long Island or NYC. Despite this fact, there are occasions where the time can restrict us from delivering in the same day. In the event that this occurs, we ensure to schedule in your equipment delivery at your earliest convenience.

Distance to Replace Equipment


Depending on the type of equipment, some can be harder to obtain than others. Our replacement specialists will work to find you a suitable replacement in a sufficient amount of time.

Managed IT Services at Their Best

PowerWiz can provide your business with various technical support packages that will help maintain your technological integrity.

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