There is a ton of valuable information on our computers nowadays. From important business files, to sentimental family photos, data has now become something nobody wants to lose. Unfortunately there are plenty of threats out there that could potentially cause you to lose all of your data at once. For example the laptop that has all the photos from your family vacation could be stolen, the computer you have the financial reports on could crash and become inoperable. There are plenty of threats out there that you should be vigilant of. Luckily there are devices built that can give you peace of mind with your valuable information.  An external hard drive is a device that connects to your computer that you can hold a ton of data on. Here are a few benefits of owning an external hard drive.


1. Simplicity

If you’ve used a flash drive before you can certainly use an external hard drive. Essentially an external hard drive is a massive flash drive. Transferring files is as simple as dragging and dropping the desired files, photos, or documents onto the hard drive.


2. Compatiblity

As long as your device has a USB port you can use an external hard drive. These devices can hold files from Macs, or PCs. No matter who makes your computer, if it has a USB drive you can use an external hard drive.


3. Cheaply increase storage

It’s very easy to run out of space on your computer; especially if you use your computer to hold photos, videos, or a large amount of documents. Even if you aren’t full yet keeping large files off of your computer can keep it running fast. With an external hard drive, you can increase the storage of your device by 2 terabytes for under $100.  That’s a capacity for around 4 million photos!


4. Security 

While you can keep your data in the cloud as an alternative to an external hard drive, it’s questionable how secure that is. Hackers could possibly get into your storage from a remote location. That’s a risk you might not be able to take with some files. An external hard drive, if very important could be kept in a safe or hidden if it contains files that must be secure. Somebody would need to steal the entire hard drive if they wanted to get into it, and even then they could be password protected so your files would be safe.


5. Portability

Electronics have come a long way! 2 terabytes of data can now be held in a device as small as a CD case. It is simply amazing how much data can be held in such a small physical space. External hard drives come in all sizes too so you can get slim ones that can fit in any laptop bag or backpack compartment.


6. Durability

Unlike a laptop that has many moving parts, and a fragile screen an external hard drive’s only job is to hold data. They are usually a small plastic box, so even when your bag takes a tumble or some water spills on it it should be perfectly fine.


It’s a dangerous world out there for data, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t let your important data sit in a fragile computer somebody could hack into! Get an external hard drive to hold your precious files.


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