Unless you’re a tech specialists, you’d be surprised just what an SSL certification can do for your website and business overall. For those wondering what a SSL certification is, without getting too technical, it is a small data file that helps protect your website and its contents from intrusion. You know those websites with the little padlock next to the web address? That is how you know a site is secure. This certification can provide you with some awesome benefits while also keeping you and your customers’ information safe. Especially when it comes to E-commerce, online shoppers nowadays know to lookout for SSL certified sites before giving up their credit card, banking, personal, and any other information they don’t want falling in the wrong hands. Let our IT Management Firm PowerWiz take you through some of the ways an SSL certification can help your small business.

It makes your website makes your site look more professional

In today’s age almost every fortune 500 company has a website that is SSL certified. This shows that your website is 100 percent secure, created by a professional, and can be trusted. Certifying your site is great way of making your business look like a big deal even if you consider yourself small time. Becoming SSL certified may not be the easiest task but looking more professional in the eyes of other businesses and consumers is alone worth the price of admission.

It will inspire trust in your consumers

People only like to invest in brands that they know they can rely on, and what better way to show them that you’re reliable than securing their information? Off the bat that little padlock next to your URL lets consumers know that they can trust you with their information. Without a certification, comes the perception that their personal info is up for grabs and will almost certainly cause people to click away.

It will attract more visitors

With trust comes positive word of mouth, and with that more visitors. This one is pretty self-explanatory and just adds to the reasons why having that certification makes all the difference.

It will protect your information

Your information is just as important as your consumers and must remain just as secure from intruders. The last thing you want is someone poking around your website and messing with things you don’t want them to, or even worse, stealing information that could be pivotal to your success or failure. An SSL certification keeps your site secure at all times, keeping away anyone who intends to do harm or negatively alter to your business.

Now that you know the benefits of an SSL certification, it’s time to reap them. Keep in mind of how big of a difference that tiny padlock makes, and to always keep your site protected. Thanks to our rapid advancement in technology and the internet, virtual storefronts have become just as valuable as physical ones, and by keeping your website secure you can make yours even more so. Thanks for reading and don’t to check back in to the PowerWiz blog from time to time for more tips, tricks, and IT news that will help with your success on the digital front. Till next time!